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How to Join Multiple Files

Ananta F. Benvenuto
I always assume that using HJSplit is very popular & easy, it turns out that i’m wrong, there’re still people who dont know how to use it, who asks me what’s the differences b/w the mediafire (MF) parts..

So I need to make this tutorial for those who dont know what or how to use HJSplit !

First of all, why do i have to use HJSplit?! It’s because i use the MF free account which doesnt allow me to upload files bigger than 100mb. That’s why i have to split big files into smaller parts. So if you just download only 1 part from MF, sorry sorry but YOU CANT WATCH THE CLIP !!


then, 2nd, use HJSPLIT to join all MF parts. Only then can you enjoy the clips.

Now, here is how to use HJSPLIT:

1. Download the software HERE. Dont worry, it’s super light, only take u some seconds to download & occupies only few kilobytes on your pc.

2. When you finish Downloading, you will have a zip file. Extract it. Then you will have 2 files: (1) the black check mark & (2) a README wordpad like in this cap:

3. Forget or you can delete the README. Click on the black check mark, you will have this:

Now, it’s time to join all the MF parts you just downloaded:

4. Click the button JOIN

5. Then click on ‘unknown‘ next to ‘INPUT FILE‘, you will need to select the files to join. But, only the 1st part of the splited file appear.

6. Select that part, then its name will appear next to the Input File instead of ‘unknown‘ like before.

7. Click START

8. Finish: at first, you have two MF parts like in this cap, then after using HJSplit, you will have the file which you can enjoy now.

REMEMBER: put all MF parts in the same folder, otherwise, HJSplit can’t find the parts to join !

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