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Vampire vs. Vampire / Yi mei dao ren (1989)

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Release date : 1989
Runtime : 1 hrs 26 mins
Genre : Action | Comedy | Horror | Fantasy
Movie quality : DVDRip
Director : Ching-Ying Lam
Movie Star : Ching-Ying Lam, Siu-hou Chin, Fong Liu, Maria Cordero
Production : --
Subtitle : --

Synopsis :
During an eclipse, evil reigns and the spirits wreak havoc. This eclipse is no different. First, a palm tree ghost attempts to seduce Master One-Eyebrow's bumbling assistants Fong [Fong Liu] and Hoh [Siu-hou Chin]. Next, the Little Vampire, who is like a son to Master, is in dire need of food, so Master One-Eyebrow [Ching-Ying Lam] feeds him on tomatoes. Then, while assessing the feng shui of the village, Master finds that the water supply is contaminated with bats which are traced to the local nunnery where Mother Superior [Maria Cordero] tends over her four nunlings. Master checks out the nunnery but finds no bats. However, he does find a locked meditation room with garlic hanging from the ceiling and the remains of a priest who disappeared, along with a second priest, many years ago.

The next day, Master returns to supervise the digging of a new well for the village. He lays out the plats but, since the best time for digging isn't until tomorrow, everyone retires for lunch and Master goes home to take a bath. While everyone is away, the bats move the marker. When the workers commence digging the well, they unearth an antique cross with a ruby attached. They pull it from the ground only to find that the cross has been impaled in a vampire. Master insists that the body be immediately burned, but the village Captain [Billy Lau] and his fiancee [Sandra Ng Kwan Yue], greedy for the ruby, substitute an old statue so that they can keep the vampire's body and saw off the gem. In doing so, Captain cuts himself and spills blood on the corpse. While Captain goes for medical attention, his fiancee stays to guard the corpse. The corpse awakens and makes a vampire of the Captain's fiancee.

Meanwhile, Fong and Hoh have gone into the village and gotten into trouble with the local pimp who places a curse on them. Upon their return to the monastery, Fong and Hoh find that they have attracted the ghost of a young prostitute, murdered at the whorehouse. She possesses Fong, but Master saves him and captures the prostitute's spirit in a jar. He sends Fong and Hoh to the whorehouse to find the prostitute's body...but no luck. Master constructs a magical hot-air balloon which he sets adrift to lead them to the spirit's body. It leads them to a graveyard and to the body of another young girl who has just fallen prey to the vampire. Thinking the body belongs to the spirit in the jar, Master takes it with them, but the vampire gives chase. This vampire is no chiang-shih. He is a western vampire (in fact, he is the missing second priest), and all the usual wards and Taoist spells don't seem to work on him. When Master pushes the vampire off a bridge into a deep canyon, the bats carry the Vampire's body to the nunnery.

The nuns are having a bad night, too. While trying to sleep, they are awakened by a large flock of attacking bats. One of the nuns runs to the monastery for the Master's help, but he is busy fighting off the Captain's fiancee (who is now a vampire). Fong and Hoh try to chase away both the bats and the vampire, but they are unsuccessful until Master and the Little Vampire show up with a load of dynamite and blow the roof off the nunnery, exposing the vampire to the sunlight. When the vampire tries to escape, Master sets him on fire and the vampire perishes in a pool of quicksand. (

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