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Joomoonjin / Jumunjin (2010)

Ananta F. Benvenuto Monday, May 10, 2010 , , , ,

Release date : January 21, 2010
Runtime : 1 hr 36 mins
Genre : Drama | Romance
Movie quality : DVDRip XviD-BiFOS
Director : Ha Myeong-Jung
Movie Star : Kim Ki-Bum, Hwang Bo-Ra, Park Ha-Seon
Production : HMJ Films
Language : Korean
Subtitle : --

Synopsis :
A magical love story involving a man who lives his life like a ghost and a country girl that falls in love with him.

On a rural mountain in Jumunjin, South Korea a girl named Jina (Hwang Bo-Ra) runs a mountain lodge. The place is soon set to close down because of rumors that ghosts live in the lodge. Jina then encounters a ghost (played by Kim Ki-Beom) who she takes an interest in. But, the closer she gets to help him the further the ghost pushes her away. (

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